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The Expert in Non-GMO Project Verification

As a technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program, FoodChain ID will work with you to earn the Non-GMO Project Verified label for your products, and expertly assist your entry into this fast-growing market.

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Streamlined Processes

As the longest serving technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project, FoodChain ID offers a streamlined and cost-effective verification process.

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Cloud Automation

SupplyTrak, our 24/7 cloud-based compliance management system, makes the non-GMO verification process efficient, secure, and convenient.

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Compliance and R&D Formulation Consulting

Work with experts early in the process to optimize your supply chain for non-GMO to reduce expense and add convenience.

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Competitive Pricing

FoodChain ID pricing is simple to understand and transparent, and never includes hidden fees or a need for outsourcing or consultants.

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Customer Stories

"I knew if I wanted to be on the cutting edge, if I really wanted my product to stand out, there’d be no better way than to have a certifying body say, ‘Yes, your products are non-GMO.'"Kaliko Orian, Kaliko Farms

Kaliko Farms produces unique, free-range, multicolored eggs in Central California. The company completed verification with FoodChain ID in several weeks, which included document review, label scanning, forms and working with suppliers to establish the non-GMO status of their feed. - Full story

"As the manufacturer of a line of corn tortilla chips, we knew that to increase the level of confidence in customers and retail partners, Paqui would have to become non-GMO verified."Doug Lyon, Paqui Tortillas

Paqui worked with FoodChain ID throughout the non-GMO verification process, relying on FoodChain ID’s expert technical evaluators and customer support team for educating Paqui’s team while helping them discover new non-GMO ingredients, partners and solutions.

"We can tie our sales increases to the Non-GMO Project Verified label. The stores all want it."Joby Rumiano, Rumiano Cheese Co.

Rumiano hoped the Non-GMO Project Verified label would help the company expand beyond their 5-state Western region base to larger markets. Today, Rumiano's 20+ non-GMO verified cheeses are sold in all 50 U.S. states and the company is fielding interest from big box stores and chain supermarkets. - Full story

FoodChain ID has verified more than 80% of the Non-GMO Project Verified market in North America


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