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Commercial sustainability and growth depend on consumer trust

Commercial sustainability and growth depend on consumer trust. This is achieved through openness and accountability in food production to build credibility with consumers. The “new” transparency consumers seek involves telling the full story behind ingredients, supply chain management, production methods, product labelling, and the environmental/ societal impact of production.

Transparency goes beyond clean labels and knowing where food comes from

The key to transparency is the reliability of information behind the product, production methods and any associated claims. Certification and verification schemes, accurate risk assessments, end-to-end traceability, and product testing are examples of reliable information which form the basis of product messaging to reach consumers.

What’s behind the product and message matters—both from a regulatory and consumer perspective. Label claims and messaging not backed by objective evidence from credible sources risk safety, quality and integrity exposure, which can shatter consumer trust and ultimately, brand equity.

FoodChain ID can help

Food businesses need accurate and reliable information, which validates, verifies and certifies the full scope of the organization’s transparency story from farm to fork. To meet this demand, companies need credible service providers with industry knowledge and expertise managing across the supply chain. FoodChain ID’s broad portfolio of certification, verification, testing services, and technical services ensures you have an authentic partner helping you tell your transparency story.

Integrated and innovative solutions to meet today’s demands

Our certification and verification services are backed by industry expertise at every step of the supply chain. We certify to the BRC Global Standards, SQF Codes, GlobalG.A.P. Standards, EU and US organic programs, Non-GMO Project Verification, ProTerra, and other identity preservation (IP) programs to provide you with accurate and objective evaluations of your safety, quality and integrity practices customers and consumers can trust.

Our testing services in GMO analysis and authenticity lead the industry. These services are complemented by a wide range of analytical offerings including pathogen and allergen testing along with contract research for validation or verification studies.

Contact us today to learning more about these services and how our training, consultation, and risk assessment or ingredient management technology solutions help you gain the competitive edge.

Working with the FoodChain ID team was awesome. I had a lot of questions, including some zingers, yet they had all the right documents and answered all my questions. The FoodChain team met all my needs and proved to me that they really know the Standard. Now that we’re comfortable with the Standard and FoodChain ID as our verification partner, we’re hopeful our sales team can use that expertise to attract new clients.

Jinnie Stora, Senior Regulatory Specialist, Riverbend Foods

Why FoodChain ID?
  1. Integrated food safety, quality and verification solutions
  2. Supply chain compliance management
  3. Single point of contact for multiple services
  4. Actionable market insights
  5. Industry leader in transparency and visibility solutions
  6. Personal service reinforced by high levels of client retention