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Communication – Obligations of certified sites

In the event that the Client becomes aware of possible legal proceedings with respect to product safety or legality, the Client shall immediately make FoodChain ID Certification (FCIDC) aware of the situation. FCIDC in turn shall take appropriate steps to assess the situation and any effect on the certification.

In the event of changes that may affect the certification such as changes in the ownership of Client, Client’s relocation to a new facility, Client’s use of new processes or equipment, changes in organisation/management or other changes indicating that the Client may no longer comply with the certification, the Client shall inform FCIDC of the change immediately. FCIDC will thereafter outline for the Client the necessary steps to maintain certification, if possible.

Where stipulated by the certification Standard, clients are required to notify their current certification body of any product safety incidents within the timeframes dictated by the scheme owner.

Notification of any significant changes or product safety incidents should be communicated by email to


FoodChain ID encourage feedback on all aspects of our performance.  If you would like to share your views of our service levels, whether, good, bad or indifferent please contact us. We try our best to proactively resolve any issues but in the last resort if you feel you must make a formal complaint, we ask that you put it in writing. We will investigate the situation and bring it to a resolution as quickly as possible. We guarantee to treat all complaints in a fair, transparent, and professional manner.

Feedback regarding the audit process can also be provided using the Survey Monkey questionnaire which is issued upon completion of the certification process.

We understand that clients attach great importance to their certification and occasionally disagree with the result or grade they achieve. Details of how to appeal against a certification decision are contained in your certification agreement or available on request. Appeals are considered by an independent panel of industry experts.

If you have any questions in relation to the above then we are open from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please contact

Use of the FoodChain ID and Scheme Owner logos

As a requirement of ISO 17065, the use of the FoodChain ID logo is strictly governed. Use of our logo requires approval from FoodChain ID prior to use and must be formally requested. To request use of the FCIDC logo, please contact

Companies that achieve BRCGS certification and have no exclusions from their scope are eligible to use the BRCGS logo on site stationery and other marketing materials. Information and conditions relating to the use of the BRCGS logo is available on the BRCGS Website.

Access and Logos | BRCGS



FoodChain ID Testing GmbH is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The accreditation process includes the assessment of our laboratories, the auditing of our quality management system and our work processes as well as the examination of employee qualifications. At the same time, a comprehensive review of the validation data for each of our accredited procedures is performed.