Solution Suites

We provide suites of solutions that help accelerate processes and manage compliance risk throughout the product lifecycle


Reference Databases and Reports

Supplements R&D Insight

Make it Easy To Create Compliant Supplements

Regulatory Library

Global regulatory database covering 160,000+ regulations in 228 countries

Regulatory Trends

Big data to monitor and support compliance

Regulatory Limits

MRLs, Contaminant Limits, Additive Regulations


Global crop protection database

MRL Data Insights for Laboratory Reports

Enhance testing reports with relevant insights

Expert Reports

Global analysis on regulatory changes, global events, notifications and more

Market Entry Reports

Reduce market entry challenges with our software solutions, expert consultants, and informative reports. ‌


Compliance Analysis Tools

Compliance Analysis

Screen your recipes for compliance at any point in the product lifecycle

Food Packaging Compliance

Manage food contact risk and compliance effectively and efficiently

Packaging Migration Modelling

Explore food contact risk and compliance before laboratory testing

Regulatory Assessment

Ensure compliance, simplify product introductions

Supplements Compliance

Audit Formulas and Generate Labels Automatically


Product Development

Recipes & Specifications

Streamline formulation: Manage recipe development, suppliers and label requirements in one place

Formulation for PLM

Accelerate NPD and reformulation in an integrated simulation environment


Supplier Management

Food Fraud Database

Targeted support for GFSI vulnerability assessments


Manage Your Certifications in One Place

Ingredient Risk Identification

With HorizonScan™, you can see what’s threatening your food ingredients right now


Trace with inSYTE™: Farm to Fork, Seed to Shelf.