Carbon Credit Verification

FoodChain ID and its partner ReSeed offer incentivization, measurement and verification of carbon sequestration progress through regenerative agriculture practices under a Carbon Credit Verification Standard.

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In response to the proliferation of food product claims related to global warming contribution, FoodChain ID and its partner ReSeed offer services under a Carbon Credit Verification Standard. The Carbon Credit Verification Standard was developed to increase measurement transparency and accountability for sustainability progress and carbon credit offsets in the agri-food supply chain.

Farmers can combine the Carbon Credit Verification Standard with other farm-level audits, such as Organic (EU, USDA and others), GLOBALG.A.P., RTRS, Bonsucro or ProTerra, to increase audit efficiency.

FoodChain ID, with over 25 years of experience in global sustainability certifications, serves as the exclusive verifier for the carbon credit offsets under ISO 14065 accreditation. FoodChain ID’s independent technical experts perform yearly audits of farm practices, adding third-party credibility to the measurement of carbon sequestration in soil.

ReSeed, with its AI-powered digital ledger transparency platform, collects and processes data for carbon credit measurement protocols to allow monetization and incentivization for farmers deploying sustainable practices in the field. ReSeed’s team also leverages their legal and technical knowledge to validate carbon estimates under international standards and provide field technical assistance to sort eligible farmers based on sustainability standards for farming activities.