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As the longest-serving technical administrator (TA) for the Non-GMO Project, FoodChain ID can help you simplify and streamline the Non-GMO Project Verification process.

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FoodChain ID has verified more Non-GMO Project products than all our competitors combined​

As the market leader for Non-GMO Project Verification, we uniquely provide our clients access to SupplyTrak® – for efficiencies with data management and documentation across multiple certifications.

You’ve heard that the “butterfly seal” is highly valued by consumers and retailers as a trusted “healthy for you” label.

What you may not know is that navigating the Standard can be tricky and time-consuming – unless you have a technical administrator with the systems and technical know-how to make the Non-GMO Project Verification process efficient.

Why get the Non-GMO Project Verified label for your products?

Consumer demand
Retail sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products top $25 billion a year and continue to increase. Today’s consumers want to know what’s in their food and they are speaking with their purchase decisions.

Industry demand
Companies at all stages of the supply chain — from farmer to ingredient supplier to manufacturer to packer — are seeking non-GMO verification for their products. As more companies engage with the Non-GMO Project Standard, long-term sourcing becomes easier and more accessible for all.

Trust and transparency
The Non-GMO Project Verified seal is the most trusted, meaningful standard for GMO avoidance available today. When shoppers search for non-GMO products, they seek the Butterfly seal.

Your verification
Compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard requires an understanding of the technical requirements involved in the verification process. FoodChain ID’s industry leadership and in-depth experience in every category of product and ingredient compliance optimizes Non-GMO Project verification. Count on FoodChain ID to expertly assist you from start to finish throughout the process.

The FoodChain ID difference

Industry Leadership

As the longest-serving technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program, FoodChain ID has verified more products than all our competitors combined. We understand every facet of non-GMO verification and can expedite even the most complex compliance challenges to make your product verifications efficient, cost-effective, and seamless.

Faster Verifications

Benefit from fast-track programs such as expedited verifications to significantly speed up the time to market for your enrolled products. In our many years working with the Non-GMO Project, we’ve helped to develop many industry best practices.

Transparent Pricing

FoodChain ID fees are among the industry’s most competitive and are based on a transparent, easy-to-understand pricing model. Since all FoodChain ID services are handled in-house, our clients never incur the cost or inconvenience of outsourcing or a need for contractors.

SupplyTrak cloud-based convenience

FoodChain ID’s secure, paperless SupplyTrak compliance management system allows you to conveniently manage the process online and streamline annual renewals. SupplyTrak, developed expressly for non-GMO verification, is used by manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and program enrollees.

Knowledgeable support

FoodChain ID enrollment team members, onboarding specialists, evaluators, and client services specialists are the most experienced experts in the field. They will answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues at every step of the verification process. Our expertise speeds up verification and will help you avoid costly missteps.

Discounted testing options

All FoodChain ID customers are eligible for discounted testing from our testing division, FoodChain ID Testing, If testing is required for your product/ingredient verification, your evaluator will discuss the process and go over the options with you.

Add new products anytime

Easily add new products using FoodChain ID’s SupplyTrak cloud-based compliance management system, which stores all your product and ingredient information. For products that use the same ingredient, you only need enter that ingredient’s info once (rather than multiple times).

‘Stacked’ Inspections

If you wish to obtain USDA Organic certification, Vegan or Plant-based certification, and Non-GMO Project verification for your products and/or ingredients, you can optionally “stack,” or combine, your facility inspections (if required), thus saving on your total cost. Ask your client services team member about this option.

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