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Supplements Compliance

Audit Formulas and Generate Labels Automatically

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Discover the compliance platform for automatic regulatory audits of your formulas and label generation

In addition to Supplements R&D Insight which accelerates product development,  Supplements Compliance allows you to audit your formulations based on regulations for each ingredient and country and generate product labels  (claims, nutrition table, legal notices, warnings). It can also update this information in one click as regulations are added, changed, or discontinued.

Compliance analysis

Our algorithm looks for data, combines it, challenges it, anticipates scenarios, and calculates dosages, net weights, limits, and warnings.

Automatic Labelling

Generate health claim, mandatory and specific warnings, ingredient listings, and nutrition chart labels with ease.

Monitoring & Updating

With all your formulations in one platform, it’s easy to update analyses and labels as regulations change. And, analysing for a new country can be done in just one click.