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Market Entry

Reducing risk, accelerating timelines

Accelerate Market Entry

Delivering new products to market is a complex process with multiple challenges that results in a significant failure rate that costs organizations both time and money. Companies are rapidly translating consumer insights into innovative products, sourcing safe ingredients and navigating the commercialization process while avoiding compliance issues. The complexity of the process intensifies as brands expand globally, with multiple compliance hurdles to overcome depending on launch markets.

FoodChain ID solutions can accelerate market entry by providing data on regulations, tools that enable the assessment of formulas and ingredients as well as expert consultancy.

Data-driven Compliance

Our applications provide organizations with the regulatory data needed to plan, investigate and achieve market compliance in 220+ countries.  
Regulatory Assessment – Analyse products, components and/or ingredients against global market requirements and regulatory limits to verify compliance across global markets. 

Compliance Analysis – Access the same level of regulatory insight available in Regulatory Assessment but across entire product portfolios for a global understanding of market potential.

Regulatory Library – Search and review relevant regulations (the full text) to determine the compliance status of products and substances.  

Supplements Compliance – Audit food supplement formulations against ingredient regulations to verify compliance and generate product labels.

Expert Advice

Our consultants fill gaps in resource and/or expertise so that our customers can meet their market entry objectives.  

We have helped hundreds of organizations develop or refine products to support successful launch in countries all around the world. Our subject matter experts deliver bespoke projects as well as support typical market entry activities like:  

  • Market entry analysis
  • Formulation reviews and recommended alterations
  • Label reviews 

For organizations with a specific one-off need our consultancy fees are aligned to the project scope. Organizations with less complex but more frequent requirements engage our Expertise as a Service solution where organizations buy blocks of time with our team they can use on an as-needed basis without the need to go through purchasing each time.

Market Entry Reports

Our reports are a critical resource to get started quickly in a region or country without doing extensive regulatory searches. Our collection of reports cover subjects including food import and labelling requirements as well as maximum residue limits of pesticides across multiple countries.