Packaging Compliance

Manage food contact risk and compliance of your products and simulate before lab testing

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Advance your brand with FoodChain ID’s Sustainable Packaging Compliance Software

Your tool for exceeding EPR standards, fostering recycling, and minimizing your ecological footprint.

Designed for eco-focused brands, our platform simplifies compliance and sustainability, setting you apart with unique, actionable insights.

Reduce Food Contact Risk and Simulate Compliance Results

Benefit from integrated insights and regulatory guidance to streamline and enhance every stage of your product development lifecycle.

Food Packaging Compliance

Manage food contact risk and compliance effectively and efficiently

  • Manage products, raw materials and changes
  • Create Declarations of Compliance
  • Communicate with suppliers and customers

Packaging Migration Modelling

Explore food contact risk and compliance before, or instead of, laboratory testing

  • Leverages the SafeRithm migraSIM mathematical model
  • Cloud-based solution

Our software provides guidelines and updates on reducing packaging material usage in line with new regulations.

Enables companies to meet environmental goals and reduce costs by using less material

Contributes to a smaller ecological footprint and aligns with consumer expectations for sustainability.

Integration of recyclability and reusability data into compliance processes for optimal packaging design.

Extends the lifecycle of packaging, reducing the need for single-use materials.

Enhances brand reputation by supporting circular economy principles and reducing waste.

Post-used Material Management

Offers a comprehensive database and guidelines for designing with post-consumer recycled content and compostable materials.

Products are positioned at the forefront of sustainability, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Drives industry leadership in sustainability, setting a standard for responsible material usage and design.

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