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Enhance testing reports with relevant insights

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Add Value with Insight

As the demands of the food and beverage industry evolve, so does the need for enriched laboratory services.

Customers require more than just test results from laboratory partners – they want actionable insights that filter out the noise. ​

Many laboratories—and their customers—find keeping up with constantly evolving international regulations around maximum residue limits (MRLs) is an overwhelming task. It’s not just time-consuming and complex, but also virtually impossible to keep up to date with, much less stay ahead.​

Enhancing your reports with relevant insights adds another layer of service, providing differentiation in an increasingly commoditized testing market providing a fast return on investment and positioning your lab as a value-add partner.

Differentiate testing reports

FoodChain ID’s MRL data package is your competitive edge. By allowing your customers to see their test results alongside the current regulatory standards of their target countries, you’re providing your customers with the context they need to determine the best course of action without delay,​ adding value to your technical test results. This saves time and provides a clear, easy understanding of where they stand in terms of compliance.​

Why FoodChain ID MRL Data?

Covering 1,100 pesticides for 920 commodities in over 150 markets, FoodChain ID data leads the world in MRL regulatory intelligence and is trusted as the most accurate source of data by leading laboratories, governments and food and beverage companies worldwide. ​

Our expert team of regulatory analysts consistently monitors and interprets global regulatory standards. This information is curated and updated daily in our regulatory intelligence solutions, designed to demystify the complexities so you stay current.