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Many organizations looking to expand products into new markets, or lift and shift, don’t always have the time to thoroughly investigate the regulatory compliance of their formulations where they’d like to launch.

FoodChain ID provides ad hoc consultancy expertise to support these growth initiatives. Whether you require support for the duration of your project, or just a short period, we provide consultants with the right skills to get your products into new markets faster – avoiding the risk of your team becoming stretched too thin, which often jeopardizes timelines and market entry.

We offer global support in over 40 languages with regulatory subject matter experts in:

  • Animal feed and contaminants
  • Cosmetics
  • Food additives, labeling and contaminants
  • Food contact
  • Product safety
  • Supplements
  • Toxicology

This service is not only significantly more cost-effective than alternatives such as law firms, but it also offers a pre-paid package of hours that provides your business with access to industry professionals and resources at a fixed cost.

It’s also beneficial from a procurement point of view, allowing you to onboard a single vendor – saving your team an administration headache!

Introducing an external resource to your project may be intimidating, but by working consistently with our consultants they become your proactive, trusted advisors, who understand your regulatory compliance needs. This knowledge also allows us to better suggest alternative ingredients and provide a consistent approach to complex regulatory issues.

Whether your team needs a clear strategy, some general direction, or your organization can’t afford full-time regulatory compliance resources, EaaS supports your business in reaching success at a predictable and budgeted cost.

Please note that we will reach out to you to scope the proposal within 2-3 working days, but this does not mean that the work product will be delivered within this timeframe. We are committed to providing quality service and appreciate your understanding.

*Packages must be used within a 12-month period.