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Packaging Migration Modelling

Explore food contact risk and compliance before laboratory testing

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Explore food contact risk and compliance before laboratory testing

From brand owners and retailers to manufacturers and packaging suppliers, all food companies face an ever-changing array of regulations and risks associated with contact material hazards, making it harder than ever to manage change, ensure compliance and launch new products.

Migration modelling can help manufacturers manage these challenges and ensure the safety of food packaging. It’s an approved screening method for regulatory compliance, risk, safe packaging design, and estimating consumer exposure using mathematical calculations of chemical migration from food contact materials into food, based on the principal of diffusion.

Leveraging the SafeRithm migraSIM mathematical model, Packaging Migration Modelling allows users to explore food contact risk and compliance before, or depending on the circumstances instead of, laboratory testing.

Accelerate time-to-market and change management

Whether it’s a change to an existing product or the evaluation of a new one, migration modelling enables organizations to reduce the need for expensive laboratory tests and be more confident of positive lab testing outcomes when it is required.

Easy, anywhere access

Our cloud-based solution requires no software to be installed which allows users to login on multiple devices and from multiple locations. It can be used as a standalone application or businesses that are already enjoying the benefits of our food packaging compliance software have the option of integrating migration modelling into their account as an additional module.

Flexible pricing

To enable businesses of all sizes to access the benefits of migration modelling, our migration modelling solution can be accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis where a specific number of calculations can be purchased. And, for organizations with more extensive needs, annual license packages are also available.