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Homologa® offers detailed, standardized information on registered crop protection products, maximum residue limits (MRLs) and seed data. Our MRL data provides details on both current and future pesticide residue values, and our crop protection database includes information related to new and registered brands, expiration dates, active ingredients, approved crops, pests and application doses and more. It is a flexible tool that can be accessed online or embedded into any data system via custom API solutions. Our crop protection database is constantly growing, adding new information and sources on a regular basis.

Flexible Use and Access

Homologa’s pesticide registration data includes: 

  • Over 200,000 products from 90+ countries 
  • Full MRL data from more than 30 legislations of reference, 
  • Seed data from more than 20 countries offers flexible integration options

Users have the access and information they need, when and where it’s needed.

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Online Results & Exports

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Complex analyses
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Dynamic and interactive dashboard
User-Friendly interface
Accurate and up-to-date registration data

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API/CSV Standard Reports

Embedded into any system
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Mobile Devices

Android and IOS
Anywhere access to data
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Harmonized Data Supporting Ease of Use

Homologa compiles up-to-date information from both public and private phytosanitary data sources, allowing users to access harmonized and comparable pesticide data through a user-friendly interface. Our global crop protection database offers a comprehensive solution to all stakeholders in the agricultural and food market using crop protection and pesticide residue data, from leading multinational corporations to farmers, digital farming industries and decision makers in the public sector.

Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS)

Add context value to your data, provide helpful crop protection functionalities to your portfolio and offer real support to your users – an immediate USP at your service.

  • Add value to the documentation functionality of their software
  • Guarantee crop protection cross-compliance of their users
  • Provide new alert and warning functionalities
  • Provide detailed crop protection data to global markets in local languages

Detailed documentation of farming operations is the key to transparency and traceability in the food value chain. To achieve quality in production it is important to let the grower concentrate on what they do best and not waste their time on endless product data input. Homologa guarantees consistent, complete and reliable crop protection data to allow growers to focus on what’s important – no worries about compliance necessary.

Use our available connectivity services (APIs) to integrate Homologa data with your farm management applications or mobile apps today. The detailed product catalog provides the necessary data to build a vast number of valuable functionalities, including product warnings and alerts, approved application as well as certified crops, pests and diseases or available chemical or biological alternatives and constellations of many common public and private standards. Use Homologa to access detailed, harmonized data covering more than 90 agricultural markets—making it an indispensable resource for FMIS with global ambitions, one which saves you a lot of work creating and updating your own product catalogues.

Online Dealers and Distributors

Complete and extensive product lists, complex filtering options or product comparisons and helpful context information – you name it, Homologa has it.

  • Provide reliable, current and complete product data to customers
  • Save time completing product information on online shops
  • Make product portfolios or inventories searchable by a wide range of criteria
  • Go the extra mile and deliver more information on combinations, restrictions or dosages
  • Offer biological solutions for specific problems

Keeping product data up-to-date or feeding new product information to online shops and ecommerce platforms can be time consuming. Homologa provides services to easily integrate elaborate product lists with a directly connected update service. Do not worry about changing restrictions or legislative product requirements – Homologa has got you covered.

Homologa provides a basis for numerous customer- and advisor-friendly value-adding functionalities: search for product alternatives, pest- and disease-compatible products or valid combinations of active ingredients. In case you are internationally active, our database even provides you with all product data in local languages.

Food Safety and Certification Laboratories

Seamless LIMS integration provides MRL information by crop and usage where necessary, available and up-to-date around the world anywhere and anytime.

  • Look up allowed and accepted MRLs
  • Research registered and approved active substances for markets and crops
  • Validate findings and results and conformity with specific standards or labels
  • Easily access the original text of law

Agile reference and research systems play a vital role in the efficient execution of laboratory procedures. The Homologa MRL database provides a comprehensive and reliable resource. Validating research results has never been easier for work in food safety research.

Laboratories and food safety institutes refer to Homologa to check compliance with crop protection and pesticide residue levels in destination markets on active ingredient and formulation level. The swift and reliable validation of results is paramount in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and import/export markets concentrated on fresh produce or storage goods and commodities.

Homologa API connectors allow a seamless integration into Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS) and deliver the data necessary to calculate various food safety indicators and quality indices. A comprehensive online interface provides easy access to the vast global data set for specific ad hoc queries and quick research needs. The regular update pattern guarantees the availability of the latest published changes, provides information on public and private industry standards or labels and regional details.

Educational, Research & Public Institutions

Access harmonized, reliable, consolidated global crop protection data and research by segments to unleash the full potential of hundreds of product criteria.

  • Research crop protection topics from various angles
  • Segment crop protection by various criteria
  • Access historical data from 2005 for strategic analysis

Agricultural research and educational institutions have a need for reliable, consistent data sources. Homologa stands for globally consolidated, comparable, reliable and up-to-date data on crop protection product brands and details, with the ability to search and segment by numerous criteria. The criteria include brand names, registration dates, active ingredients and formulation, crops, pests and diseases, MRLs and more.

Various methods of data retrieval maximize its potential value. Embed it in existing solutions, use alert or report functionalities to stay on top of recent changes or simply use the online interface for daily research requirements. Base your projects on a reliable, proprietary code system, making global comparison and recurring analytics as easy as possible. All data sets include links to the original sources and are available in English and local languages.

The Ag Input industry

Monitor product brand registrations by markets, product segments or usage, screen for active ingredient replacement candidates and stay on top of market dynamics.

  • Monitor market-approved active substances and brands
  • Check product registrations by market and crop
  • Integrate data flows and product lists in farm management and grower solutions

Brand level research is a key decision parameter in the Ag Input industry. Homologa provides answers to common industry questions revolving around approved and expired crop protection products, registration dates, geographic coverage or even usage details and product formulation. An increasing presence of biologicals, new generics, parallel imports and competitor products require constant monitoring of regions and markets from a crop or active ingredient perspective. The freely configurable report functionality makes it easy to receive information on any changes to the product landscape in question right to your inbox.

Homologa connectivity allows the embedded interaction with global datasets in many on-premise systems and dashboard solutions. Combine Homologa data with further sources to make even more of it, or include it in your farmer tools to make product information available where it is needed for documentation. The proprietary Homologa code system provides a unique opportunity to take a big step towards true traceability. All data is available in English and local languages.

The Food Industry

Compare destination and origin market MRLs, monitor treatment alternatives and ensure producer and supplier compliance with common public or private standards.

  • Compare pesticide MRLs in destination and origin markets
  • Receive regular updates on viable product alternatives
  • Ensure producer and supplier compliance with public and private standards
  • Make reference data available to all participants of your supply chain

Compliance requirements regarding regulations, standards, ecological and social principles govern the global food industry like no other. Homologa brings you closer to achieving farm-to-fork traceability by providing harmonized MRL data for all registered crop protection products. This allows comparison of requirements in import destination markets and export markets, and gives an overview of the private standards regulations to be kept. Constant updates ensure that the most recent requirements are available for all affected markets around the clock.

Speed up your sourcing procedures, save time on meticulous research and refer to one single legally-compliant data source. Links to the original data sources provide full transparency. Embed Homologa data streams in your grower and supplier solutions to avoid accidental non-compliance, and set and receive alerts to your inbox on registration or MRL changes, bans or valid product alternatives. All data is available in English and local languages, harmonized and structured to allow global comparison.

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