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Recipes & Specifications

Streamline formulation: Manage recipe development, suppliers and label requirements in one place

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Manage supplier information and ingredient specifications online. Renewal reminders and certification expiry warnings keep information up to date.


Develop recipes and watch every change made dynamically update the nutritional, cost and allergen information in real time.


Create product specifications and labels for relevant markets that update in line with recipe changes.

How it works

Recipes & Specifications is designed for:

Restaurant Chains

This streamlined software gives you the functionality of our Recipes & Specifications development platform in a package designed specifically for restaurants and the people who run them.

On a single, intuitive dashboard you will develop recipes and scale measurements for plate and servings sizes, determine precise menu pricing based on ingredient costs, and easily access information about the allergens and nutrition of the dishes you create.

Then, store recipes (and all of their associated information) safely in the cloud; easily accessible from anywhere.

Medium to Large Food & Drink Manufacturers

Bringing great tasting food to the public is your business. And, to do that well, you need access to complete, consistent, and compliant ingredient information from suppliers.

With the R&S Development Dashboard, you will find all of the information you need at your fingertips. As recipes are created and adjusted, that information transforms into labels that meet your market’s regulations standards and specifications sheets that address consumer FAQs.

Feel secure about the ingredient and recipe data you provide to your pipeline, and know your labeling stands up to regulatory compliance, with Recipes & Specifications

Food & Drink Recipe Developers

Streamline your recipe development process. Bid farewell to the days of being overwhelmed and overworked by spreadsheets, emails, and PDF documents all holding different pieces of information and ingredients for the same recipes.

Recipes & Specifications’ intuitive, powerful solutions streamline recipe development from creation to final product, managing costs, compliance, labelling, nutrition and more.

Save time and focus on what you do best, instead of calculating and managing recipe information.

Supplier & Quality Managers

Stop the endless chase for supplier information, approvals, and ingredient specifications. And spend less time checking, double-checking, and re-verifying the inconsistent information you find across multiple sources of “truth” that are incomplete or outdated.

The R&S Development dashboard changes everything. This user-friendly (but incredibly powerful software) centralizes all of the supplier data you need. You’ll also enjoy the freedom to manage, update, and edit supplier information as needed. And, keep an eye on all specifications, accreditations, and certifications—ensuring nothing ever lapses or falls out-of-date.

Packed with the functionality you need

Data and Calculations

Single source of truth for ingredients and recipes
One central place for all your recipe data to reside.

Nutritional databanks
Meet the proper requirements for your regions of business.

Include losses & gains in calculations
See how any recipe adjustment changes your key data in all directions.

Real time nutrition, allergen & cost calculations.
Watch values update as you build your recipe.

Ingredient & recipe history
Keep track of each and every change made to any recipe.

Suppliers and Compliance

Approve & manage supplier sites
Work with only the most updated, complete info—provided directly by the supplier.

Automated compliance checks
Stay up-to-date on all certifications and changes to regulations.

Control ingredient use across manufacturing sites
Maintain recipe accuracy and fidelity anywhere recipes are made.

Recipe and Data Labels

Create recipe sheets
Share the most important information about your recipes with customers, clients, auditors, etc.

Approve & manage ingredient & packaging information
Ensure accuracy of all information included on packaging.

Create label data sheets
Design compliant nutrition labels for packaging anywhere in the world.

Create label data sheets for multiple geographies
Comply with regional labeling requirements for markets around the world.

Scalability and Adaptability

Customized information
Focus on key areas, keeping them front-and-center during recipe creation.

Unlimited scalability
From the simplest to the most complex—store as many recipes as you can create.

Connect to a wide range of other systems using our API
Integrate with your other data systems to easily manage the entire product cycle.

Total configuration control
Personalize the dashboard to show the information most relevant to you at any time.


Nutritional databanks
Complete nutrition directly from the nutrient databank for your chosen geography.

Regulatory databankscoming soon!
Automatically check compliance for your market with allowed additive levels and more. 

RS interface
Connect to a wide range of other systems via our standard JSON API.

Custom integrations
Our API customization service creates interfaces specific to your business using a wide range of methods including JSON, XML and SOAP.

What is a recipe management system?

Formulation software is critical to a food manufacturer’s PLM process. It performs roles that ERP, CRM and MES systems can’t do effectively for food and beverage. Mainstream PLM systems are not designed for food. They lack critical functions specific to our industry – meaning you still end up using spreadsheets as work-arounds. Their configuration is often too inflexible for the fast-moving nature of regulations and emerging risks in the food industry.

What does formulation software do and how does it link to other PLM systems in a food manufacturer? You may or may not have mapped the formulation development lifecycle for your organisation, but it probably looks something like the diagram below. Your formulation software should standardise and speed this process up across your organisation.

what is recipe development

It performs the following roles within your organisation.

  • Manage suppliers from a technical point of view
  • Collect and approve raw material and packaging specifications
  • Speed up and drive compliance in product development
  • Ensure what you make (your BOM) is compliant
  • Create and control product technical information, such as specifications and pack copy

Common interactions with other PLM systems are:

  • Receiving codes, descriptions and costs from the ERP or Master Data Management system
  • Sending BOMs to the ERP or MES systems
  • Sending technical pack copy or label data information to the artwork management system
  • Sending technical requirements for new raw materials and packaging to the purchasing system

What is PLM?

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is a software system and methodology used to manage the entire lifecycle of a product, from concept and development, through production, launch, and eventually retirement.

PLM software:

  • Streamlines and optimizes processes
  • Improves collaboration and communication among teams
  • Reduces product development time
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Improves product quality

If your organization already has conventional PLM software (Oracle, SAP, etc.) in place that’s meeting your organization’s needs but would benefit from an integrated product development and simulation environment, FoodChain ID Formulation for PLM may be the right solution for you.