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Regulatory Trends

Big data to monitor and support compliance

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Big Data to Monitor and Support Compliance

Draft requirements and dynamic developments in the marketplace are creating more challenges for manufacturers and processors than ever before. The patented “horizon scanning” technology behind Regulatory Trends by Decernis proactively monitors regulatory changes, market trends and emerging issues that could affect compliance, product development and speed to market. It allows organizations to customize what is monitored, providing insight on topics of concern across entire product portfolios.

Leveraging sources including official journals, scientific developments, social media and NGOs, Regulatory Trends by Decernis uses big data analytics to scan over 1,200 pages per minute (that’s 2.5 million pages per day) across 40 languages and 200+ countries, summarizing over 2,500 regulatory and scientific events per day.

A real-time solution for daily and global monitoring including:

  • Significant regulatory developments
  • Proposed and final regulatory notifications
  • Market developments and consumer trends
  • Scientific opinions
  • Hot topics
  • Product recalls
  • Warning announcements
  • Issue management
  • Translations of summaries in analytics