Ruminant Testing

FoodChain ID Testing’s ruminant-specific test selectively detects members of the ruminant family by targeting a genetic sequence that is found only in this family, which includes cows, sheep, goats, deer and elk.

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Ruminant-Specific Testing

We test food and feed products such as meat, frozen ready-to-eat meals, animal feed, bone meal, fishmeal, fish oil, flavors, gelatin, pet food, spray-dried animal plasma, and more.

Our ruminant specific PCR test captures all species within the ruminant family and can help companies comply with current international regulations prohibiting animal products in feed.

FoodChain ID Testing is a USDA-APHIS Approved Laboratory

China currently prohibits import of ruminant-containing processed animal products that can be used as pet food or animal feed ingredients. Processed animal products include poultry meal, rendered poultry fat, porcine meal, lard, spray-dried porcine blood products, and porcine protein concentrate.

FoodChain ID Testing is a USDA-APHIS approved laboratory for ruminant testing of processed animal products for export to China.