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Intelligent Connections

Integrate existing data sources for strategic insight

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Cloud-Based Integration Service

Intelligent Connections allows for fast and cost-effective integration between popular industry solutions such as Regulatory Assessments by Decernis and ESHA Genesis R&D and other key systems including PLM, ERP, MDM and labeling and publishing solutions.​

  • Reduce cost and rework​
  • Keeps key data in sync and automates key business processes​
  • Seamlessly connect popular industry solutions to your ERP, PLM, MDM, labeling and publishing tools, etc.
  • No Infrastructure to maintain​
  • Pre-built connectors for ESHA Genesis R&D, Decernis gComply Plus and other common F&B endpoint​
  • Monitoring and complete support​

Pre-built Accelerators

Turnkey templates

COG connectors for common endpoints

Pre-built business orchestration

Implementation Methodology


Tailored to meet
your specific business needs

Rapid time to value

Monitoring & Support

Comprehensive, US-based
support with SLAs

Proactive monitoring

KPI/status dashboards

Simple. Supported.

From design through deployment, Intelligent Connections reduces the time, cost and effort required for successful integration projects.