Essential Certification Schemes, Robust Support, Growth-Oriented Systems—FoodChain ID Provides It All

In food safety and quality, certification isn’t just a milestone; it’s a requirement. Choosing FoodChain ID as a partner helps you build a certification program designed specifically for a food company. That means dedicated scheduling support, insights-driven reporting, and experts in all the major certifications for the food industry schemes that a food company needs to consider and choose from. Being certified under these 

food industry certification

 schemes is the hallmark of your brand’s dedication to delivering consistently safe and high-quality products, establishing a gold standard for the industry.

At FoodChain ID, we don’t just help you get certified; we ensure the process is seamless, comprehensive, and tailored to meet global standards and your customer’s expectations. We make sure you get it with the expertise and customer service your brand deserves.

Accredited Food Safety

No matter what food safety schemes you’re being certified to, you need a certification partner who can provide personalized service and expert support. Take your food safety program to the next level with FoodChain ID. We offer 

certifications for the food industry

 to ensure you meet all necessary standards.

BRCGS is a GFSI-benchmarked food safety certification scheme that demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality and safety.

Certifications for animal feed are critical in ensuring feed products’ quality and safety, directly affecting livestock’s health and performance. By adhering to stringent standards, these certifications help maintain the integrity of the food chain from the ground up. They protect animal welfare and reassure consumers about the end-product quality they consume.

For companies expanding their food safety programs beyond standardized certifications, choose an auditing partner that provides the expertise, service, and capacity you need.

We offer:

  • Second-party audits
  • Supplier audits
  • GAP assessments
  • Pre-audit healthchecks

Auditing Solutions for the Highest Quality Food Products

Choose FoodChain ID as an auditing partner to help set the standard and lead the industry in value-added auditing programs for unique and high quality food products, creating a tailored service, technology, and expertise platform.

Product, Facility, and Labeling Certifications for Food Companies

Brands choose certifications like Organic and non-GMO to demonstrate the quality of their products with real transparency and to create a compelling presence in the market. FoodChain ID has the experience to develop and implement the standards and build a team of experts ready to serve your needs, along with technology tools that are purpose-built to make your life easier.

Five Key Steps to Food Product Certifications

Evaluate the Value of Certifications for New Products

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  • Non-GMO Project Verified + USDA Organic = Sales of products with both certifications grew 19%. (1)
  • The global plant-based market is expected to reach $166 billion in the next decade. (2) 
  • A majority of US consumers aware of third-party certification say those certifications make them more likely to buy a product. (3)

Seek Expert Help

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  • FoodChain ID has verified more products under Non-GMO Project than all our competitors combined.
  • Companies that enroll with FoodChain ID are more likely to become Non-GMO Project verified - because our team helps at each step.
  • Bioagricert, a FoodChain ID company, is a leading organic certifier with over 15,000 operations certified globally.

Consolidate Supply Chain Information in One Spot

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Only FoodChain ID provides its proprietary SupplyTrak system - one convenient portal for Non-GMO Project Verification, USDA Organic, Plant-Based and BeVeg Certification. With the expert support of FoodChain ID, you can manage supply data, documentation, and certification status in one system.

  • Enter ingredients, suppliers, facilities, and labels once
  • Access tools to guide the process
  • View certification status
  • Receive notices for information and important dates, like renewals

Show Inspectors One System

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Your inspector is given access to Supply Trak for your inspection so they can view the information and verify while on site.

Prepare for Convenient Renewals and Keep Certifications Up To Date

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Streamline your certification renewals and stay up-to-date with FoodChain ID’s efficient system, minimizing the hassle of keeping expiration dates and ensuring continuous compliance.

All Certifications: Global Auditor Reach

FoodChain ID’s extensive network of hundreds of qualified auditors spans the globe, ensuring localized expertise and compliance with international food safety standards, representing the 

best food safety certification

 practices. From the Americas to Europe, Asia, and Africa, our auditors are strategically positioned to support your needs with in-depth knowledge of regional regulations and accredited food safety certification and management within the food and beverage industry. 

Sustainability Services

Sustainability is the cornerstone of forward-thinking practices in the food sector, merging environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic growth. This section provides a comprehensive look at the integration of sustainability into business models, showcasing its necessity for more sustainable production processes, meeting GHG reporting requirements, and relevance in an eco-conscious consumer market.

With FoodChain ID, It’s More Than the Certificate

When partnering with FoodChain ID for certification, you’re not just receiving a piece of paper but gaining access to a comprehensive system designed to enhance your global food safety and quality management practices, embodying 

food quality and safety assurance services

. We go beyond the basics to certify that your food processing operations meet the high standard food production audit for safety and quality assurance. Here’s how we ensure excellence in every step:

Choose FoodChain ID for the Certifications to Grow Your Business