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Certification and Auditing for the Food Industry

Certification and Auditing for the Food Industry

FoodChain ID delivers essential certification and auditing services for the food industry, including those recognized by GFSI. Our food safety and sustainability expertise is supported by technology-enabled capabilities in more than 100 countries.

Product Certifications

FoodChain ID provides the experts and systems to manage food product certifications such as Non-GMO Project, Organic, Plant-Based and Vegan.

Your supply chain data, documentation, ingredients, products facilities and certification status are easy to access, with the support of FoodChain ID, your global expert in product certification.

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Accredited Food Safety Certification

Embracing accredited food safety certification is not just a regulatory requirement; it is an investment in the long-term success and sustainability of a food company. By prioritizing food safety, you can foster consumer trust, gain market access, differentiate from competitors, protect your reputation, and drive operational excellence.

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Animal feed certification

FoodChain ID in Europe offers the Feed Chain Alliance Standard (FCA) animal feed certification.

The FCA Standard consists of a self-checking guide. The Self-checking Guide Animal Feed is the basis of the scheme and can be used by companies to shape their legally required self-checking system.

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Embracing sustainable practices is an ongoing journey that requires collaboration, innovation, and a genuine commitment to creating positive change in the food industry.

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Custom auditing services of a food company’s suppliers. We provide seamless service and fulfilling our global reputation for food safety knowledge and guidance.

By taking advantage of specific audit services, your company optimize audit preparation to avoid the risk of failing the audit.

We offer :

  • Second-Party Audit
  • Supplier Audits
  • Gap Assessments
  • Pre-Audits
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