Toxicology and Product Safety Services

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Product Safety

  • Global regulatory strategies supporting the successful launch of products in cosmetics, food, feed and other highly regulated areas.
  • Guidance for the global approval and ongoing compliance of chemicals, including biocides, food additives, cosmetic ingredients, pesticides, apparel, construction materials and medical and electronic device manufacturing.
  • Evaluation of products and their ingredients or components across the entire life cycle, providing insights on safety, sustainability, supply chain risk and compliance with regulatory requirements worldwide.
  • Our diverse team of experts are uniquely positioned to leverage experience in product safety and stewardship, regulatory analysis and risk assessment to provide the best in class scientific opinions on current and emerging environmental and health issues.

Toxicology Services

  • Services in regulatory programs such as Food Contact, FIFRA, BPR, TSCA and REACH belong to our daily compendium of services.
  • Contracting and/or monitoring toxicological and ecotoxicological studies in renowned global laboratories.
  • Development of necessary regulatory dossiers to be submitted to the regulatory bodies, including, for example, dietary and topical risk assessments.
  • Review of toxicological studies in the light of current regulatory programs or when product compositions drift due to raw material and process changes.
  • We advise on the need for additional studies or where toxicological studies can be used for read-across, supporting other regulatory actions, saving time and money.

Expert Services

  • Our staff has deep expertise in various disciplines, including toxicology, chemistry, exposure, food, engineering and the organizational and regulatory landscape in multiple jurisdictions. Our experts serve as an extension of our client’s internal teams providing reliable and robust support, day to day.
  • Practitioners in toxicology and risk assessment make up our team of experts, which includes, American Board of Toxicology (DABTs), Pharmaceutical Scientists (Pharm.D.), Chemical Engineers, Organic Chemists (Ph.D.) and Food Scientists.
  • Our  work includes exposure and risk modeling, food and feed safety, food contact, cosmetics and regulatory compliance, in addition to providing objective and defensible opinions on the safety of food additives, food contact materials and contaminants.