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Discover the power of clarity in compliance management with FoodChain ID. Our Regulatory Limits digital solution is a guiding light for professionals amidst the complex world of food safety regulations. It offers a straightforward solution for precisely tracking and adapting to regulatory changes. Benefit from a comprehensive and effortless system, ensuring your products consistently meet quality and safety standards.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with a software module trusted by industry leaders and designed to mitigate risks and carve a clear path to market success. Our unique approach to 

regulatory compliance software and solutions

 simplifies the process, making it accessible to all and setting your brand apart with a commitment to excellence and consumer trust.

Adopt a system that leverages compliance as a strategic asset. With FoodChain ID, you can overcome any regulatory challenge and confidently advance your market presence.

FoodChain ID: Your Compliance Intelligence Partner

Navigate the complexities of compliance effortlessly with FoodChain ID’s Regulatory Limits software suite. Crafted to empower your business with strategic solutions, our platform offers unmatched benefits that streamline adherence to regulations and bolster your brand’s operational excellence.

Elevate Your Compliance Strategy

Transform regulatory compliance into a cornerstone of your business strategy with FoodChain ID’s Regulatory Limits digital solutions. Embrace the ease of operation and reliability that comes with our 

business compliance modules for commodity and food safety standard solutions

. Reach out to integrate compliance as a critical pillar of your brand’s promise of safety and quality.

Why the Regulatory Limits by BCG Pesticide Database is Used Worldwide


MRL values on nearly every commodity in all markets are presented so standards in different markets may be compared with each other.

Unmatched Accuracy

Updated as regulations change, backed by strict quality assurance procedures.


Easily find key critical information not just on the permitted MRLs, but also on chemicals and commodities that are exempted, and on regulatory changes that are scheduled for the future.

Customer Service

Unparalleled support: Our regulatory intelligence team is ready to answer your specific questions.

Compliance Modules

Take Control of Compliance Today

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Our Pesticide Maximum Residue Limits Module acts as a real-time regulatory advisor, providing updated information on current, pending, and proposed pesticide regulations. This module plays a crucial role in helping your agricultural and food products adhere to international standards, thus maintaining compliance and enhancing market competitiveness.

Absolutely. The Veterinary Drug Maximum Residue Limits Module is instrumental by offering a detailed database of MRLs for over 90 countries. This is essential for ensuring that animal-derived products comply with global standards, thereby facilitating confident navigation in international markets. 

The Contaminant Limits Module in our suite comprehensively covers a broad spectrum of contaminants such as heavy metals, aflatoxins, natural toxicants, dioxins, and PCBs. It is a crucial component for safeguarding the safety and integrity of your food products, ensuring they meet the highest standards for consumer protection.

Direct Data is transformative in integrating FoodChain ID’s regulatory data seamlessly into your existing systems. This integration allows for detailed analysis and alignment of data with your organizational needs, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This not only saves time but also significantly reduces the potential for errors, enhancing your compliance processes.

Our Regulatory Limits software suite is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify the compliance process for food safety standards. It’s built for manufacturers, growers, exporters, regulators, and anyone in the food industry who needs to stay current with global regulatory requirements.

Content Descriptions

Current MRLs – Limited (Starter):

U.S. based users will receive access to U.S. MRLs currently in force and corresponding MRLs for other markets; users outside of the U.S. will receive access to U.S. MRLs only.

Current MRLs:

Officially established MRLs that are in force.

Pending MRLs:

MRL amendments which have been officially approved and will enter in force on a specified future date.

Proposed MRLs:

Draft maximum residue limits amendments, or petitions under consideration. New, revised, and revocation proposals. Includes source document reference, published and comment due dates.

Change Report:

A report that provides daily maximum residue limits changes in the database, with an email alert you can sign up and customize to inform you about when an maximum residue limits change occurs.

Current Limits:

Officially established limits that are in force.

Pending Limits:

Limit amendments which have been officially approved and will enter in force on a specified future date.

Proposed Limits:

Draft limit amendments, or petitions under consideration.

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