FAMI-QS is a standard for companies involved in the production of feed additives and premixes

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Ensuring Quality in the Animal Feed Industry

The FAMI-QS standard represents a code of good practices for companies active in the production of additives and premixes for animal feed. Its aim is to ensure that the different production stages take place under conditions of total hygiene and health safety.

The current approach to food legislation is that the only way to ensure complete food safety is to control the entire supply chain “from field to table.”

This presupposes control throughout the supply chain: from raw materials and their components to the feeding of animals that will enter the food supply,

Monitoring applies to elements that contribute to defining the quality of animal feed, such as the correct use of livestock products, animal medicines, control of undesirable substances (aflatoxins, pesticides), and possible contaminants of microbiological origin.

Advantages of FAMI-QS Certification

– Enhancing your commitment to ensuring food safety for animals by FAMI-QS certification, an internationally recognized standard;

– Improving relations with suppliers, customers, and control organizations;

– Compliance with mandatory legislation in all its aspects;

– Opening up new markets, especially in countries with stricter animal feed legislation;

– Reducing client audits for medium/high-volume clients.

What Does Certification Involve?

Our certification approach aims to ensure, as a third party, to consumers and producers, that a product, service, or system meets specific standards.

Types of Certification

Certification guarantees the quality, on one hand, of specific characteristics of a product or service, and on the other hand, the implementation of processes of a management system.

Certification can concern official/public standards or private standards.

Advantages of Certification

Certification highlights a company’s involvement in its continuous quality process. It provides a competitive advantage and establishes trust in its relationships with both customers and collaborators.