Non-GMO Project Verification: A Primer

Non-GMO Project Verification: A Primer

Thinking about getting your products Non-GMO Project verified? It’s a smart choice! As demand for food transparency continues to rise, shoppers are increasingly seeking out reputable, recognizable third-party verifications on the food products they purchase – and the Non-GMO Project Verified ‘Butterfly Seal’ is an unmistakable leader in that space. In fact, the presence of […]

Moving Beyond Organic Whitepaper

Organic production systems have long focused on ecosystem health, which is at the heart of sustainability. But for the organic movement to truly thrive, it needs to tap into all of the fundamental challenges facing our planet and society and become a beacon of change for sustainable agriculture.

From Ecosystems to a Planet Imperative: The Next Step for Organics

Organics have made a tremendous impact on the way people eat, shop, farm and market food. As the broader public has gained a greater understanding of the benefits of organics, farmers have recognized a profit opportunity, and retailers have found a new way to satisfy the exacting demands of consumers. Yet as pronounced as the impact of organics is at this moment in time, it would be a mistake to think it has reached its limit.

Whitepaper: Preparing for BRC Food Safety issue 8

Is your company preparing to update its BRC food safety program in 2018 to meet issue 8 requirements? If the answer is “yes”, FoodChain ID has you covered. In this informative whitepaper, we will discuss new and updated requirements, new sections, audit protocol changes, and how to prepare.. (more…)

Whitepaper: Transparency, the new food challenge

Brands that people provide the necessary level of assurance from farm to fork gain consumer trust and experience a competitive advantage with the opportunity to increase their market share. This whitepaper from FoodChain ID explores the notion that, being transparent and building consumer trust are largely dependent upon the reliability of information behind the product, […]