Europe Soy

The Europe Soya standard is specifically aimed at the soya market in Europe and certifies the production of raw material and by products of non-GMO sustainable soy (produced within the EU) involving audits, reports, continuous monitoring and issuance of lot-by-lot certificates.

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What is Europe Soy?

The Europe Soy program has been established to promote and propagate the cultivation, processing and marketing of GM-free, origin-controlled quality soy from Europe.

The aim is to develop and guarantee a GM-free protein supply in and from Europe.

The requirements of the Europe Soya Guidelines correspond with those of the Donau Soja Guidelines. Food produced from or using Europe Soy soya beans may be labelled as “Europe Soya” or “fed with Europe Soya.”

Who needs certification in Europe Soy?

Europe Soya is a sustainability standard for the whole soy supply chain in Europe. It covers the supply chain from the farms over the collecting points, crushers to the feed compounder or food producer.

How much does certifcation cost, and how do I become certified?

The costs of the certification depend on which stage of the supply chain the audit is performed and on the quantities of the processes soy (volume fee)