Support Defensibility with Our Comprehensive Food Safety Testing Services

At FoodChain ID, we prioritize technical excellence to support the defensibility and reliability of your food product claims. Our targeted 

food and feed testing services

 are crafted to align with your quality assurance goals while meeting global safety and compliance requirements. Through our global laboratory network, we deliver tailored food testing solutions that are both cost-effective and robust, enhancing customer confidence and your brand’s reputation.

Acknowledging the critical nature of timely responses in the food industry, we offer expedited services for rapid results, providing you with the agility to promptly respond to market demands. Our suite of testing services is performed under stringent ISO 17025 quality control requirements. Our testing protocols are supported by a foundation of recognized research and expertise, ensuring that your ingredients and products comply with international standards. With FoodChain ID, you partner with a team whose proficiency in advanced testing techniques, and commitment to rapid turnaround time and exceptional service delivery supports your business objectives.

FoodChain ID offers GMO testing in the United States, Brazil, and Germany. Foodchain ID was the first commercial laboratory in North America to provide DNA-based GMO Testing, a critical service for ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements and product claims. As one of the leading GMO 

food testing

 laboratories, our comprehensive testing supports non-GMO claims and Non-GMO certification and helps your products stand out in a competitive marketplace.

At FoodChain ID, we are dedicated to reinforcing the integrity of your food products through our Animal Speciation Testing services. This rigorous testing protocol is designed to verify the authenticity of your food items, support product claims, and meet regulatory requirements.

Discover the FoodChain ID Difference

At FoodChain ID, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled testing solutions that support the highest levels of food safety and quality. Our food testing laboratories are located in key geographies and deliver consistent and accurate results, ensuring a standardized global experience. Here’s what makes our approach exceptional:

With FoodChain ID, you benefit from a combination of expertise, innovation, and reliability unmatched in the food industry.

Achieve Compliance with Our Expert Testing Services

Choose FoodChain ID for comprehensive food and feed testing and ensure your product’s compliance and quality.

Testing Laboratories Around The World

FoodChain ID’s global presence is marked by a network of testing laboratories strategically located worldwide, offering 

food product quality and safety testing solutions

. From the Americas to Asia, our facilities, including those in Chantilly, Virginia; Herstal, Belgium; Munich, Germany; Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; and Yokohama, Japan, are equipped to meet the diverse needs of the food industry with precision and reliability. As part of the Global Laboratory Alliance, each lab contributes to collective expertise that upholds comprehensive evaluation of regulated product safety and standards, ensuring advanced testing systems for compliance and quality purposes.

Testing You Can Trust

Why Choose FoodChain ID Testing Services

The accreditation process involves inspecting FoodChain ID Testing’s US-based laboratory facilities and auditing laboratory quality systems, operational procedures, and qualifications of FoodChain ID Testing scientists. The accreditation process also includes evaluating an extensive validation data set for each accredited method. FoodChain ID Testing methods have achieved a flexible scope of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, the leading international standard for testing laboratories, demonstrating the highest confidence in testing quality and technical proficiency.

At FoodChain ID Testing, we recognize that you rely on us for information that may impact core elements of your business. That’s why one of our top priorities has always been to design our quality control and quality assurance with analytical services to reflect the greatest possible reliability and scientific rigor.

We achieve this through a program of continuous improvement and the inclusion of extensive quality measures, including:

  • Use of statistically valid sample sizes to assure minimum risk error
  • Use of a proprietary DNA extraction system that minimizes DNA degradation and the use of PCR inhibitors which maximize yield and is successful even with the most complex sample matrices
  • Duplicate analysis of each sample
  • Reliance on both internal and external standards for accurate quantitative analysis
  • Full traceability of all reagents, instruments, and personnel involved in the analysis
  • Participation in international proficiency testing programs such as GeMMA, AOCS, ISTA, and FAPAS
  • Accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025, the international standard for laboratory accreditation.

For over 40 years, FoodChain ID Testing has been an independent USDA and ISO 17025 Accredited analytical laboratory specializing in detecting GMO, contaminants, and animal species in food and feed products.

FoodChain ID Testing was the first commercial laboratory in North America to offer PCR-based analysis of GMOs in food and agriculture. It was the first A2LA-accredited laboratory to receive ISO17025 accreditation for Digital PCR.

Standard 3- 5 day turn-around time. Same-day expedites are available

And we are adding tests on a regular basis:

  • Instrumentation: LC-MS/MS & GC-MS/MS and more
  • Method: Official AOAC, USDA, FDA methods and more
  • Limit of Detection: As low as 10 ppb
  • Multi-residue screens: 300-500 compounds
  • Glyphosate
  • Mycotoxins
  • USP 561 (Dietary Supplements) Methyl bromide / EBDC USDA Method CLG_PST5 (MOD): bovine, caprine, equine, ovine, porcine, poultry, fish of the order Siluriformes (catfish) muscle, liquid egg products, and powdered egg products

We can analyze hundreds of different compounds and custom-design screens upon request. Please contact us to design a screen that meets your company’s needs.

Our laboratory is staffed and equipped to prepare samples and perform analyses on all types of sample matrices

The most up-to-date EPA, USDA, ISO, AOAC, and AOCS methods are employed to perform our testing, except where more advanced methodologies have been developed and approved by USDA, FDA, or EPA.

FoodChain ID conducts internal Quality Assurance/Quality Control Practices that exceed regulatory guidelines:

  • All analyses performed using internal standards and/or duplicate samples to ensure superior precision and accuracy
  • Regularly participates in numerous outside validation and proficiency studies to maintain the highest standards in the industries we serve
  • Special techniques, including confirmation methodologies, also are available

The Global Laboratory Alliance® (GLA) is a worldwide network of laboratories that employs FoodChain ID Testing’s validated and standardized testing technology.

FoodChain ID’s ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation exemplifies our technical excellence in food and feed testing. For specific sampling requirements, contact

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We simplify the sample submission process for analytical chemistry and DNA-based tests, with Technical Advisors assisting in defining testing goals. Submissions to our lab are guaranteed to be efficient and streamlined, ensuring all testing needs are met.

FoodChain ID’s Turn-Around Time Calculator offers options for test result timelines, with same-day expedited services available at extra cost. Contact (US), (Brazil) or (Germany) for assistance or timeline adjustments.

FoodChain ID simplifies understanding PCR results by offering an easy selection of test packages, clear explanations, and example reports to inform your decisions. Our approach makes complex data understandable and actionable.

Ensure the Highest Standards for Your Products