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Supplements R&D Insight

Make it Easy To Create Compliant Supplements

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Regulatory, Scientific and Marketing Data to create compliant Supplements
Regulatory Texts

Simplify regulatory compliance for your products

The tool provides easy access to up-to-date information on regulatory requirements for supplements, simplifying the compliance process for businesses when creating formulas and products.

US, EU and Asian Regulatory Data for 3,000 ingredients

Find the regulatory status of an ingredient and understand how it can be used (dosage, limits), what can be said about its health benefits (health claims) and how it can be sold.

Scientific Substantiation

Save time and resources

By providing comprehensive and current information on regulations and guidelines, Supplements R&D Insight saves businesses the time and resources traditionally spent researching and understanding regulatory requirements.

Products Benchmark

Enhance competitiveness

By enabling businesses to develop compliant, high-quality food supplements, the tool helps you stay competitive and meet the growing demand for safe, effective, and innovative products in the marketplace.

What's in the box?

Supplements R&D Insight

Ver 2.20
Regulatory Status3,000 ingredients
Authority Opinions1,657 texts
Claims6,707 texts
Scientific Studies78,000 texts
Product Benchmarks185,000 sheets
EU Regulations
US Regulations
Asian RegulationsASEAN, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia
Daily Email AlertsAutomatic notifications of monitor ingredients, competitors, rules, health benefit with no effort
Custom ReportsCreate your own reports by bookmarking results that can be shared in pdf, Excel, html formats and saved as an automatic alert
Monthly ReportsPublished by our experts, our monthly report cover each regulatory zone, plus an
additional scientific report
MindmapMerge all the links related to regulatory texts into a mindmap so you can get a deep understanding deeply of regulatory frameworks
Free Support Free support hotline manned by our experts included
Summary SheetsScientific and regulatory summaries of important topics