Scientific and Regulatory Training in Nutrition and Health

Scientific and regulatory experts offers you personalized custom made training sessions on supplements regulation for EU, US or Asia

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Service details

Our certification as a professional training organization enables our scientific and regulatory experts to provide personalized, custom training sessions, in the following areas:


  • European / national regulatory frameworks:
    • Food supplements
    • Sports nutrition
    • Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP)
    • Infant nutrition
    • Meal replacements
    • Fortified foods
    • Novel foods
  • Legal status of formulations (authorized ingredients, maximum doses, warnings, mutual recognition), labelling rules, procedures of notification or registration.
  • Marketing (labels, sales material, leaflets, brochures, instructions, web and in-store): Scientifically and legally acceptable claims in the field of the Regulation 1924/2006 about nutrition and health claims, taking into account the importance of knowing the limits which could lead to a requalification to a drug by presentation or a judgment for misleading advertisement.
  • Regulation 1924/2006 (nutritional and health claims): Understanding European Community content, procedures and impositions, deadlines, file constitution, prerequisites, analysis of authorities’ opinions and explanations of the reasons, regulatory compliance, legal penalties.


  • Nutrition and dietetic basis: structures, roles, sources and needs in macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, functional ingredients (CoQ10 etc.).
  • Understanding principal ingredients by application: Indications of the major dietary supplement market segments (energy, weight management, joints, skin, stress/sleep, vision, urinary comfort…) and overview of the principal health benefits and issues with physiological (not pharmacological) improvement targets by key ingredients.
  • Studies and efficacy/safety files: requirements and prerequisites, file’s typology, necessary studies in the context of the regulation about claims and nutrivigilance.