Standard for producers and traders of compound feeds, feed materials, premixes and additives, as well as for transport, storage and handling.

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The Feed Chain Alliance (FCA) standard consists of a self-control guide.

The self-control guide for animal feed forms the basis of the system and can be used by companies to implement their self-control system required by law. It not only meets legal requirements but also the industry’s self-imposed extra-statutory requirements.

This standard is intended, among others, for producers and traders of compound feed for animals, raw materials for animal feed, premixes, and additives, as well as for transport, storage, and handling.

FCA offers an approach aimed at ensuring the safety and quality of the animal feed production chain. By complying with FCA standards, your company also meets the requirements of European and Belgian legislation.

An FCA certificate is also becoming a sales requirement in more and more countries, meaning that obtaining the certificate grants access to new markets. If all activities of your company fall under the certificate, you also immediately have a validated self-control guide.