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Formulation for PLM

Accelerate New Product Development and reformulation in an integrated simulation environment

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Discover the cloud-based product development and simulation environment designed specifically for formulated product developers

Formulation for PLM features a purpose-built interface, real-time simulation engine. Innovative smart features such as AI-driven insights, augmented decision making and visual alerts ensure design, cost and regulatory targets are being met in real-time.

Typical recipe management tools and Excel-based solutions lack the connectivity, depth or advanced capabilities to meet the demands of digital innovation. Most of these traditional tools are either too rigid or simplistic, don’t allow Product Developers to leverage historical or organization insights, and lack the integrated intelligence that can dramatically improve speed and outcomes.

Formulation for PLM is a modern, cloud-based platform that supports the complex and specific needs of formulated product development while providing next generation “smart” capabilities that create an innovation advantage.

A Modern Workbench Experience

With our drag-and-drop interface you can easily move materials to a different formula or change subformula hierarchy. Edit quantity, percent batch, and many other values and you’ll instantly see the simulation outcomes update to reflect the impact of your change.

See how material changes affect your simulated outcomes in real time

Built for Purpose

Built for and with product developers and executive leaders from some of the world’s leading brands, Formulation for PLM unlocks organizational insights and enables developers by providing them advanced tools they want to use.

Built for Speed

Developers require a solution that can move as fast as they work. Formulation for PLM is a fast, feature-rich platform that is intuitive and easy to use.

Customized formula views

Configurable Templates

Choose which columns to show and drag-and-drop them in the order you prefer for your current objective.
Dragging all the way to the left freezes the column, making it easy to compare with other values.


Configurable templates meet specific category or regional needs. Even diverse product portfolios can be handled in a single application.


Every user works differently and needs vary based on products and objectives. Users can easily personalize their experience and create a workspace that works best for them.

Track Changes and Simulate Outcomes

Create multiple versions of your formula and compare them side-by-side on the same screen. Formulation for PLM calculates variance from the original, and visually highlights simulated outcomes that do not meet your specified design targets.

Inputs and simulated outcomes across multiple versions, measured against design constraints

Managing Change

Formulation for PLM includes a powerful comparison engine allowing you to review and track changes across multiple formulas. Compare inputs and simulated outcomes across versions using visual indicators that provide feedback against design constraints.

Powerful Simulation Capability

The real-time simulation and analysis engine provides immediate feedback to developers as changes are made, allowing them to optimize and evaluate outcomes.

Visual indicators instantly compare your simulated formula against your design targets as you edit

Advanced Smart Features

Set design targets for desired values or ranges for different simulation outcomes.
Formulation for PLM provides instant visual indicators in the simulation panel to show when targets are not met.

Augmented Design

Formula conditions are continuously monitored to ensure they meet specified design targets. Monitor for adherence to claims or standard of identity constraints, safety or regulatory limits, and cost or performance targets.

Embedded Intelligence

Cross-functional advice and expertise can be captured and delivered in context to inform decisions, enforce standards, and shape behavior. It’s like having a team of subject experts looking over your shoulder!

AI-assisted Design and Decision Making

The Insights section automatically tracks errors, updates and potential issues. You’ll see a notification when a material has been updated, or when a formula doesn’t meet a requirement.

Detect errors, regulatory issues, or opportunities in real time

AI-assisted Development

The Integrated Insights framework presents advice and alerts to shape decisions, taking full advantage of your company’s valuable organizational knowledge. Steer towards lower cost/risk ingredients and avoid performance or regulatory issues early in the cycle.

Automated Reviews

Formulation for PLM can automatically monitor and enforce R&D or operational checklists and screens to help avoid costly re-work and delayed design cycles.