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MRLs, Contaminants, Seed Data
Additives, Standard of Identity, Cosmetics, Packaging
Ingredient Risk & Food Fraud

Our Regulatory and Food Safety Databases

Our regulatory & food safety database products make your work easier and safer, and more streamlined

  • One-stop source for Current & Future International Regulations
  • Automated compliance checks for your products
  • Stay ahead of ingredient risk & food fraud vulnerabilities

MRLs, Contaminants, Seed Data

Navigate the complexities of compliance effortlessly with FoodChain ID’s Regulatory Limits software suite. Crafted to empower your business with strategic solutions, our platform offers unmatched benefits that streamline adherence to regulations and bolster your brand’s operational excellence.

Regulatory Limits

Ensure your products meet current, pending and proposed international standards

  • Pesticide MRLs
  • Veterinary Drug MRLs
  • Contaminant Limits
  • Additive Regulations


Detailed, standardized information on registered crop protection products, maximum residue limits (MRLs) and seed data

  • Current & Future Pesticide MRLs
  • Access online or embed via API
  • Mobile Device Compatible

Additives, Standard of Identity, Cosmetics, Packaging

Determining if a new product will be compliant or, as regulations evolve, maintaining the compliance of products already in market is complex and can slow down new product introduction. Our solutions simplify meeting complex global regulations by analyzing products or bills of materials against our trusted regulatory data to provide a color-coded compliance management dashboard that allows you to quickly identify where your product is and isn’t compliant across more than 220 countries.

Regulatory Library

Global regulatory database covering 160,000+ regulations in 228 countries

  • Food & Beverage
  • Animal Nutrition & Feed
  • Home & Personal Cares
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Compliance Analysis

Quick, automated compliance check at any point in your product lifecycle

  • Connect to your PLM for instant analyses
  • Easy-to-read results visualizer
  • Check multiple products & markets at once

Regulatory Assessment

Identify where your product is and isn’t compliant across more than 220 countries

  • Food Additives
  • Contaminants
  • Standards of Identity
  • Recipe Management

Ingredient Risk & Food Fraud

Identify trends and vulnerabilities through a customizable dashboard, powerful search capabilities, automated analytics and weekly alerts. Currently over 16,500 records gathered from scientific literature, media publications, regulatory reports, judicial records and trade associations worldwide.

Ingredient Risk Identification

With HorizonScan™, you can see what’s threatening your food ingredients right now

  • Biological, physical & chemical hazards
  • Identify current risks
  • Customizable email alerts
  • Comply with FSMA

Food Fraud Database

Targeted support for GFSI vulnerability assessments

  • Curated, searchable database
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Automated analytics
  • Weekly alerts