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Product Development Solutions

A comprehensive recipe management platform designed for food safety and quality professionals, streamlining the development and compliance of food products.

  • Centralize ingredient data
  • Automate regulatory adherence
  • Optimize product development with accuracy and speed

Optimize Your Development & Commericalization

Benefit from integrated insights and regulatory guidance to streamline and enhance every stage of your product development lifecycle.

Recipes & Specifications

Streamline formulation: Manage recipe development, suppliers and label requirements in one place

  • Easy-to-read color coded interface
  • Instantly update nutrition, cost, allergens
  • Automatically generate labels

Formulation for PLM

Accelerate new product development and reformulation in an integrated simulation environment

  • Drag & Drop interface
  • Custom configurable templates
  • Track Changes
  • Set Design Targets

Cloud-based, centralized data management platform that consolidates raw material data and sub-recipes.

Ensures a single source of truth for product information, minimizing errors and streamlining data access

By centralizing data, companies can achieve better compliance, reduce risk, and increase the trustworthiness of their product information.

Intuitive interface and centralized system promote quick adoption and facilitate seamless cross-functional communication.

Daily tasks are more efficient, and the learning curve for new team members is reduced.

Enhanced workflow leads to time and cost savings, allowing professionals to allocate resources to innovation and growth initiatives.

Accessible from anywhere, supporting remote work and ensuring that data is available when and where it’s needed.

Maintains operational continuity and supports flexible work arrangements without sacrificing data integrity or accessibility.

The solution not only safeguards against business disruptions but also positions companies to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, ensuring long-term resilience

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