Food Authenticity Program

Food integrity: A growing problem
The solution: FoodChain ID’s new Food Authenticity Program

Food fraud is a critical issue in all parts of the increasingly complex global supply chain. Recent studies in Europe and North America found that up to 25% of seafood products are mislabeled[1]. Worldwide, the counterfeit food industry is worth about $49 billion a year[2].

Questions every food company now needs to ask include:

  • Are our hamburgers really made from 100% pure beef?
  • Is our 100% fresh squeezed Florida orange juice adulterated with sugar or water?
  • Is the olive oil I’m importing really from Tuscany? Is it olive oil at all?
  • Is that really Atlantic cod on our shelves – or some other protected fish from a different address?
  • Is the asparagus we paid a premium for really organic?

The answers to these questions can have far-reaching consequences. The discovery of food fraud can lead to costly product recalls or litigation, not to mention loss of consumer trust and brand damage.

Food Authenticity Program – The Solution

The solution: Genetic ID’s Food Authenticity Program
This comprehensive new program offers a full range of cutting-edge testing services, including:

  • Adulteration testing
  • GMO testing
  • Allergen testing
  • Halal verification
  • Natural vs synthetic ingredient verification
  • Plant and meat species identification
  • Determination of the geographical origin of foods
  • Organic verification

Each product is different and needs its own ‘made-to-measure’ analysis. At Genetic ID, we work with our clients to identify the best and most cost-effective testing program to meet their needs and protect the integrity of their brands.

Food Authenticity Program – Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Genetic ID’s Food Authenticity Program also offers an extensive range of consulting services, including:

  • Risk assessments and sampling of specific products, followed up by authenticity testing
  • Advice on identity preservation and segregation of products through the supply chain
  • Reviews of systems and processes to flag up potential threats to authenticity
  • Mediator/advisory service in the event that a product is found not to comply with a claim on the pack
  • Labelling advice on claims that can be made legally.

Please contact us to discuss the best program for your specific case