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The benefits of orange juice on cholesterol

A recent controlled clinical trial conducted in Brazil evaluated the effect of the consumption of 750mL/day concentrated orange juice for 60 days on the lipid profile and metabolism of 14 hypercholesterolemic subjects and 31 normolipidemic subjects. In parallel, 8 control subjects did not consume orange juice.

The results showed a decrease in plasma levels of LDL cholesterol on day 60 only in hypercholesterolemic subjects who consumed orange juice (P <0.01). Levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides were not affected by the consumption of orange juice. Moreover, for both groups, increased transfer of free cholesterol to HDL (P <0.05) was observed, while triglycerides (P <0.05) and phospholipids (P <0.05) transfers were reduced. In addition, a reduction of cholesteryl ester transfer was reported only in hypercholesterolemic subjects (P <0.05). Finally, no changes were observed in the control group.

These results show the value of consuming a beverage as common as orange juice. However, a randomized, double-blind study comparing the effects of the consumption of orange juice with a control group with a sufficient number of volunteers is necessary to confirm these results.

Reference : Cesar TB, Aptekmann NP, Araujo MP, Vinagre CC, Maranhão RC, “Orange juice decreases low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic subjects and improves lipid transfer to high-density lipoprotein in normal and hypercholesterolemic subjects”, Nutr Res. 2010 Oct;30(10):689-94.