U.S. Hemp Authority® Certification

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​A​s the exclusive program administrator for the U.S. Hemp Authority​® Certification Standard, FoodChain ID will provide you with the highest level of service throughout the certification process. 

​The certification grants you the right to display the U.S. Hemp Authority​® seal in your product label and mention it in advertising and marketing material.  Companies eligible to apply for the certification include Growers, Processors/Manufacturers, and Brand Owners

Three Steps to Certification

​Apply for Certification

​Answer a few questions to get started on the application process. ​We will be in touch with you within the next 2 business days

​Pass The Audit

​Once we have​ completed our technical review of your application​, we will set a date to inspect your operations

​Licensing & Renewal

​Certification is an annual cycle. Renewal for operations in good standing is simple and only requires an update of any changes made

​​Get in touch with us!

Tap into FoodChain ID's ​experience of more than 20 years in certification and verification services within the food industry

​Let us help you add to your brand's credibility by ​getting ​U.S. Hemp Authority​® certified!

​Fill out the form on the right and we will get back to you with detail​​s on the application package

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