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IFS Global Markets Food

Entry-level standard designed to support small and/or less developed businesses in their journey towards achieving higher food safety and quality standards

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IFS Global Markets Food

Investing in IFS Global Markets Food paves the way for future expansion and scalability. It strengthens the confidence that your clients have in your business.

IFS Global Markets Food makes it straightforward to implement proper food safety and quality procedures and assists you in adhering to regulatory and client demands. Together with customers, you can determine the speed and checkpoints along the way to IFS Certification.

The programme is developed by industry specialists who represent the food supply chain, making sure it is applicable to the needs of the market and realistic. Renowned assessors examine your product risks and hazards, hygienic and safe manufacturing procedures, food safety and quality management, and adherence to regulatory and customer specifications.

Hands holding global cuisine concept over fruit stand.


Fulfil the regulations requirements

Meet the expectations of your current and potential business partners

Achieve the requirements for food safety and quality

Engage in hazard detection and mitigation

Recognise and reduce risks

Bolster traceability systems