IFS Food

IFS Food is a globally recognized standard that ensures food safety and quality throughout the production process, particularly focusing on supplier evaluations and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) systems.

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IFS Food

The IFS Food Standard examines the goods and manufacturing procedures to assess a food producer’s capacity to create genuine, safe, and high-quality goods in compliance with regulatory standards and consumer demands.

It helps companies fulfil the market’s increasing demands for traceability and transparency, enhances product integrity, and boosts productivity. The audits are performed by qualified IFS Auditors who are employed by independent, reputable certification agencies.

IFS Standards are open to evaluation by public or private entities.


Increase sales, boost productivity, and lower operating expenses

Continuous improvement driven by the scoring system

Individual risk assessments with the IFS risk-based approach

The non-prescriptive method permits the creation of unique solutions