Not A Boring Vanilla Kind Of Life

High fines issued for company caught in vanilla adulteration case: Vanilla is one of the most popular and expensive flavoring ingredients, used in ice cream, dairy, beverages, baked goods and more. Its smooth, warm taste and ability to enhance other flavors make it a sought-after element in cooking and baking world-wide. Insufficient natural sources, impacted by adversary weather events, are unable to keep up with an increasing demand. As a result, what is labeled as “pure vanilla” is occasionally adulterated with ingredients that are not derived from vanilla beans, but either synthetic or made from other plant or even animal sources. In the case of on Australian retail company, the vanilla extract was mislabeled as “pure” with a picture of vanilla plant parts shown on the label, misleading consumers.  The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued a hefty fine after two infringement notices.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 31 January 2022