Interest of botanicals for COVID-19

Nutritional supplements, TaibUVID (each dose contained 2g nigella sativa, 1g chamomile and 10 ml natural honey) and TaibUVID Forte (adds 1g fennel, 0.5 gram costus, 0.5 gram senna to TaibUVID), were suggested as a adjuvants for COVID-19 contacts, patients and public prophylaxis. A retrospective study was conducted in Egypt (n=20). 65% of COVID-19 patients (n = 13) received both pharmacological treatments and adjuvant TaibUVID nutritional supplements while 35% received TaibUVID only (n = 7). Supplementation protocol is depending on the severity of the symptoms (once to 5 times daily).

Lymphopenia rapidly improved to lymphocytosis upon regular TaibUVID intake. TaibUVID nutritional supplements helped COVID-19 contacts’ prophylaxis. 70% of COVID-19 contacts (n = 14) (on regular TaibUVID intake) did not get SARS-COV2 infection. 30% (n = 6) were not using TaibUVID regularly and got mild flu-like symptoms and upon using both TaibUVID and pharmacological treatments, all improved and got negative nasopharyngeal swabs PCR.

TaibUVID, exists as an oral nutritional supplements and inhalation therapy, was reported to be well tolerable and significantly satisfied (p < 0.01). In conclusion, TaibUVID nutritional supplements are recommended for public prophylaxis (to decrease emergence of new cases) and treatment in COVID-19 pandemic (El Sayed et al., 2020).

El Sayed SM, Aboonq MS, El Rashedy AG, Aljehani YT, Abou El-Magd RM, Okashah AM, El-Anzi ME, Alharbi MB, El-Tahlawi R, Nabo MMH, Yousef RS, Elshazley M, Abu-Elnaga M, Mahmoud HS, El-Alaf H, Abdelrahman AI, Abdel-Gawad AR, Soliman TM. Promising preventive and therapeutic effects of TaibUVID nutritional supplements for COVID-19 pandemic: towards better public prophylaxis and treatment (A retrospective study). Am J Blood Res. 2020 Oct 15;10(5):266-282. PMID: 33224571; PMCID: PMC7675122.