Review of the effects of compounds present in Nigella sativa seeds in the prevention and management of viral infections such as SARS-CoV-2 infection

This review was interested in the potential of active compounds from Nigella sativa on the suppression of chronic inflammation and the promotion of healthy immune response.

This review reported evidence of beneficial effects of different Nigella sativa preparations, mainly for preparation containing thymiquinone, alpha-hederin, and nigellidine, against immune disturbance, autophagy dysfunction, oxidative stress, ischemia, inflammation, in several COVID-19 comorbidities such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, Kawasaki-like diseases, and many bacterial and viral infections.

Authors conclude that bioactive compounds of Nigella sativa seed could be alternative and promising herbal drugs to combat COVID-19 epidemic.

Islam MN, Hossain KS, Sarker PP, Ferdous J, Hannan MA, Rahman MM, Chu DT, Uddin MJ. Revisiting pharmacological potentials of Nigella sativa seed: A promising option for COVID-19 prevention and cure. Phytother Res. 2020 Oct 12. doi: 10.1002/ptr.6895. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33047412