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Our mission is still the same : help you create new, compliant recipes faster.


Sometimes, it can seem like you spend more time worrying about compliance than you do creating your next greatest recipe. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. From North America to Europe to Australia to Asia, our software will help you meet local regulations with confidence.

  • PIF v6 Portal

    PIF v6 Portal
    The Australian Food and Grocery Council are moving their Excel based Product Information form from Excel to an online portal. This page explains how the PIF v6 system works. SEE THE PIF v6 SYSTEM DEMONSTRATION HERE:      FAQ’s If you are going to bulk import all my current PIFs at the start, what happens if I then need an old …
  • Formulation software: how it fits with PLM

    Formulation software: how it fits with PLM
    Formulation software is critical to a food manufacturer’s PLM process. It performs roles that ERP, CRM and MES systems can’t do effectively for food & beverage. Mainstream PLM systems are not designed for food. They lack critical functions specific to our industry – meaning you still end up using spreadsheets as work-arounds. Their configuration is often …
  • Formulation management in 5 steps

    Formulation management in 5 steps
    In this post we look at the steps food & beverage companies take as they implement a formulation management system. I introduce the Hamilton Grant Formulation Management Maturity Model. This assesses an organisation’s formulation management maturity. With so much focus on PLM, organisations often skip over how critical formulation management is to their success. Both to reduce risk and …
  • Create nutrition facts labels at the touch of a button

    Create nutrition facts labels at the touch of a button
    Food and Beverage companies need to create nutrition facts labels for their products, this can be a laborious task. Making sure they match the latest regulations and guidelines is a must for any food and beverage manufacturer. In this latest video we show you how to create these labels at the touch of a button using …
  • Recipe Management Software – drive your recipe lifecycle

    Recipe Management Software - drive your recipe lifecycle
    Hamilton Grant’s Recipe Management Software drives your recipe lifecycle from new product development through to end-of-life. It manages your recipes across any number of production sites, driving your creativity, efficiency and legislative compliance. From “What if ?” to product launch Try new recipe ideas in the dynamic workbench. Experiment with multiple ‘what if’ scenarios for even the …