Food Safety Incidents Risk Consumers Health

The inevitable process of the globalization has created a dynamic market, which has radically intensified exchanges of goods and information along with the flow of people among nations. Globalization encourages the consumer a choice between a broad array of foods from various locations. Moreover, the complexity of food supply chains have intensified the difficulty to verify the safety of food moving across the globe.
While the access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health, the recurring food safety incidents pose significant risk to health of consumers. Foodborne diseases may lead to acute poisoning or long-term diseases or long-term disability and death.

In view of recurrent food safety incidents, food supply in the 21st century should increase beyond food security and improving nutritional profile. The transparency of ingredients and regulations of unhealthy foods play critical roles in safety of food.
This study provides concrete evidence that undeclared allergens and cross contamination were identified as the top two recorded causes of food safety incidents and recalls.

Every producer, restaurant and consumer can help to break that chain, at least to some extent, by good housekeeping and common sense hygiene, whenever possible.

The Most Common Food Safety Incidents in Last Decade (case study)

Posted 11 December 2020