What's in my Shopping Cart? Part 3

Today I must confess, my shopping cart is rather empty.  I have crossed over to the “at home chef” trend that is sweeping the U.S. and in fact, other nations.  For those of us who are weary of; making up a menu, shopping for the ingredients, and making the meals, the “Meal Kit” idea is a welcome reprieve.  However, being in the “food business” I wondered how this growing area of the supply chain is regulated and monitored.

The CDC (United States) offers some guidance to consumers:  “Tips for Meal Kit and Food Delivery” which outlines some easy steps consumers can take to ensure the food is safe.  The U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has published a guideline on Kit Product Labeling, July 2019.

Finally, the same USDA/FDA regulations which apply to the labeling and food safety of processed foods still applies to the food you receive at your door.  Want to know more about food safety and labeling requirements?  Contact us for more information

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Posted on 7 August 2020