Regulatory Compliance

A Package Deal: Balancing consumer, safety and regulatory demands for sustainable packaging

Learn how global regulatory initiatives towards a circular economy will affect packaging material regulations

As sustainability becomes a key priority for consumers and governments alike, expectations are rising for companies to improve the recyclability and reusability of their packaging.

​​​​​Balancing consumer demands and product safety while meeting the varying requirements of target markets can be a challenge, but knowing what is ahead can help companies prepare for a smoother transition towards improving their packaging sustainability.

Join our experts to learn how global regulatory initiatives towards a circular economy will affect packaging material regulations.

Viewers will learn: 

  • The changing definitions of "Recyclable"
  • Different approaches to evaluate recyclability
  • Regulations involving Mandatory Usage of recycled materials
  • Balancing safety and sustainability
  • EU, U.S., and global packaging sustainability overview and challenges

Meet the presenters: 

  • Dr. Henrik Jungclas — Product Manager, SCM, and Subject Matter Expert
  • Kevin C. Kenny, J.D., LLM. — Senior Vice President, Compliance Services
  • Matthew Parker — Subject Matter Expert Food Contact

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