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Polynt Secures Non GMO Certification from FoodChain ID Certification Europe

Polynt, one of the largest EU producers of Triacetin, a glycerine based solvent used in food, confectionery and food packaging (with many other applications in the food and pharmaceutical sectors) has become the first company if its kind to secure non GMO certification from FoodChain ID Certification Europe.

Certification gives the assurance that Polynt’s Triacetin is derived from non GMO rapeseed oil.

The move comes following a trend in recent years to source glycerine from non-Palm Oil sources, and for many years Polynt has sourced only from rapeseed sources, with its UK production now only using 100% non-Palm Oil glycerine. Increasingly, there is a desire for suppliers to also manage the source of the rapeseed. Polynt has only sourced non–GMO derived glycerine for many years in order to provide complete transparency to its varied customer base. Independent certification was the natural next step in this process.

Chris Beff, General Manager, Polynt UK explains:

“Many of our customers – particularly in the confectionery sector – have begun to ask for assurance regarding the provenance with regard to non GMO of all ingredients across the supply chain. Polynt took the decision to seek independent third party certification from FoodChain ID Certification Europe, to give further evidence of the integrity of our Triacetin.

“FoodChain ID Certification certification provides further customer assurance that our products are from approved, traceable sources. Being able to provide site certification too also demonstrates Polynt’s commitment to developing products that exceed market demands at the centre of its processes. We are delighted to now be the first EU Chemical Company to receive this certification”.
Richard Werran, Managing Director FoodChain ID Certification Europe said: “This move by Polynt demonstrates the shift towards a completely transparency food chain that is effective at all levels and that food additives are not the exception to the rule for consumers demanding non-GMO foods.”

As seen in foodingredientsfirst.