Italy: new mandatory warning for food supplements containing turmeric

Following the cases of cholestatic hepatitis associated to the consumption of products containing turmeric, the Italian Authorities published a modification of their list of plants (Decree of 26 July 2019 modifying the Decree of 10 August 2018) adding  a mandatory warning on labels of food supplements containing substances, preparations and extracts from plants of the genus Curcuma (Curcuma longa, Curcuma xanthorrhiza, Curcuma zedoaria):

“In caso di alterazioni della funzione epatica, biliare o di calcolosi delle vie biliari, l’uso del prodotto è sconsigliato. Se si stanno assumendo farmaci, è opportuno sentire il parere del medico.” (“In case of alterations of liver function, biliary function or gallstones, the use of the product is not recommended. If you take medicines, you should seek the advice of your doctor.”)

According to a note from Italian Authorities on 26 July 2019, this warning is not necessary for turmeric powder, considering the history and dimensions of consumption as a food.

The physiological effects (« LG MINISTERIALI DI RIFERIMENTO PER GLI EFFETTI FISIOLOGICI ») for turmeric have been also updated (usable in Italy instead of the botanicals claims on hold at European level).

Food supplements containing extracts and preparations of plants of the genus Curcuma must comply with these new provisions no later than 31 December 2019.