Innovation Agility Using Integrated Regulatory Intelligence - Webinar Recording available!

Product companies are being asked to do more than ever. There is demand to deliver greater product variety, more quickly, with mounting compliance requirements AND increased product transparency. Attempting to meet these new challenges using legacy processes and approaches is causing significant strain. Many are looking for technologies that can provide new and more automated ways of working, but struggling to determine where to start.

Join this webcast to see how platforms like Oracle PLM Cloud are using integrated intelligence from partners like Decernis to help companies create breakout capabilities that meet the demands of today while providing the innovation agility necessary for success in the future. This integrated approach allows companies to incorporate regulatory insights seamlessly throughout the process— from steering decisions made during early development to scanning current products for risks on the horizon.

Oracle PLM Cloud provides a modern and integrated approach to support the entire lifecycle of your products, from early ideation to product development and commercialization. With integrated capabilities from leaders like Decernis, Oracle PLM Cloud is providing a next-generation platform that provides best-in-class capabilities with no compromises.

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You will learn:

  • How the Oracle Cloud PLM solution, integrated with best-in-class offerings from partners like Decernis, is creating a powerful new opportunity for next-generation product innovation.
  • How integrated Decernis capabilities provide real-time feedback throughout development, avoiding delays and costly issues.
  • How to simplify and harmonize information and processes with a unified data model, supplier collaboration, and built-in PIM capabilities.