France Launches Plant Protein Strategy

In late 2020, France unveiled a national plant protein strategy that aims to increase production of vegetable proteins for food and feed.  The strategy is designed to improve nutrition, support sustainability, reduce dependency on imported products, and promote agri-food sovereignty.  A budget of 100 million euros has been allocated for this strategy, and strong improvements are expected by 2022.  The government hopes to add 400 million hectares to the current crop size of alfalfa, soy, peas, legumes, and pulses within the next two years.  There is some criticism of the plan as it does not address the overconsumption of animal protein and the potential overproduction of meat, eggs, and dairy products.  This strategy may encourage other EU countries to adopt a similar approach following Brexit.

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Picture credit: Susanne Kuehne 

Posted on 12 January 2021