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Food Fraud in the Fresh Produce Sector - Help a Student with a Survey!

Fraud in fresh produce can occur in a number of ways, including fraudulent organic certifications, counterfeit branding, misrepresentation of geographic origin, and the use of unapproved ripening agents. In 2019, a company in Canada was charged with misrepresenting broccoli grown in California as “Product of Canada.” In 2018, 500 kg of mangoes were seized from a market in Puducherry, India, for being ripened with calcium carbide.

Do you work in the fresh produce sector? Please consider responding to a survey about the use of food fraud tools in the fresh produce sector. This is an exploratory and anonymous study that will take 6-8 minutes to complete. The results will be used in a PhD thesis by a student at the University of Central Lancashire in the U.K. CLICK HERE to experience the survey or copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Thank you very much for your help! Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Posted on 25 September 2020