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EFSA positive opinion for the authorisation as a novel food of AstraGin

Nutraveris obtains a new EFSA positive opinion for the authorisation as a NOVEL FOOD of AstraGinTM, a proprietary extract from Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus.

On behalf of NuLiv Science (USA), Nutraveris, the leading European consultancy in nutrition and health, has obtained a new novel food approval by EFSA.

This application was related to the proprietary extract AstraGinTM, a specific combination of an ethanol extract of the roots of A. membranaceus and a hot water extract of the roots of P. notoginseng. Within the data provided and after evaluation and several request of clarifications, the Panel concluded that the Novel Food AstraGinTM is safe for use in food supplements.

NuLiv Science is a full range ingredient supplier, early-stage developer of nutraceuticals and turnkey service provider to the dietary supplement and cosmeceutical industry.

According to his President Richard Wang “We are extremely grateful for the expertise and diligence put forward by the Nutraveris team. From Cedric to Elise to Thomas, they have provided invaluable guidance for this lengthy process.

This new success for a mix of botanicals demonstrates once again the strengths of Nutraveris, either in its advices for the studies to be performed and characterization to be handled, the preparation and submission of Novel Food applications, and in its follow-up during EFSA evaluation.