Development round-up: declarations & allergens

This is the first in a series of articles looking at recent developments in our Recipe and Product Data Management software. Hamilton Grant works with leading food manufacturers and restaurant chains around the world to continually strengthen our software’s specialist food and beverage functionality – allowing our customers to transform the way they develop products and manage quality.

This article looks at developments in our already powerful ingredient declaration and allergen management functions. Hamilton Grant’s Recipe Management System has for many years automatically created ingredient declarations and managed your allergens – allowing you to quickly see what happens to the declaration when you change formulations. On top of a number of changes that make creating declarations for different markets even easier, we have recently:

  • Added advanced reconstitution functions: combine any number of recipe ingredients by ratio or percentage
  • Increased the configurability of declaration percentage calculations, allowing you to further customise how legislation applies to your business

Hamilton Grant has also added functionality to our already powerful allergen management function:

  • Production line allergen management
  • EU Food Ingredient Regulation compliance
  • Updates in response to changes in the Australian VITAL calculations.