Anti-Greenwashing Project Launches in UK

The UK’s Environment Agency has announced a project to standardize metrics to measure environmental performance of the food and beverage sector.  As pressure to reduce greenhouse emissions and overhaul agribusiness grows, the practice of “greenwashing” threatens to undermine consumer trust in environmentally friendly products.  To tackle this issue, the UK’s Environment Agency is establishing metrics to measure environmental performance in this segment.  Greenwashing is a practice that occurs when an organization attempts to persuade the public that its policies and/ or products are more environmentally friendly than they are.  Examples are vague language and random use of terms like “eco”, “green”, and “sustainable” which may confuse consumers.  The Environment Agency’s initiative is designed to help manufacturers accurately measure and communicate their environmental performance to the public.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 21 October 2021