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Regulatory Compliance

Changing the way companies meet and maintain regulatory compliance with innovative tools and expert-verified data.

Compliance Made Easy with Cutting-edge Tools

Frequent changes and complex language make it difficult to meet and maintain compliance, and errors can lead to delays, lost capital and damage to brand reputation. FoodChain ID’s regulatory solutions provide the expert-verified data that regulatory and compliance teams need right when they need it, saving time and reducing risk.

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Analyze compliance

Digital tools for analyzing compliance of ingredients, products or portfolios

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Screen your recipes for compliance at any point in the product lifecycle

Compliance Analysis

Manage food contact risk and compliance effectively and efficiently

Food Packaging Compliance

Explore food contact risk and compliance before laboratory testing

Packaging Migration Modelling

Ensure compliance, simplify product introductions

Regulatory Assessment

Audit Formulas and Generate Labels Automatically

Supplements Compliance

MRLs, Contaminant Limits, Additive Regulations

Regulatory Limits

Global crop protection database



Research regulatory data

Databases to increase efficiency of regulatory research and provide insights on trends

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Make it Easy To Create Compliant Supplements

Supplements R&D Insight

Global regulatory database covering 160,000+ regulations in 228 countries

Regulatory Library

Big data to monitor and support compliance

Regulatory Trends

Global analysis on regulatory changes, global events, notifications and more

Expert Reports

Reduce market entry challenges with our software solutions, expert consultants, and informative reports. ‌

Market Entry Reports


Specialized expertise

High-level subject matter expertise based on business needs, budget and timeline

Novel Food Application

Pre-market authorisation of novel foods for EU market

Clinical Study Protocol

Clinical study protocol design aiming to substantiate Health claim or Novel Food authorizations

Food Additives

Evaluation of the regulatory status of food additives within the European Union (regulations 1333/2008).


Theoretical formulations with appropriate efficacy, safety dosages and ingredients that may allow the use of health claims.

Health Claims

We help you understand what you can say about your product and the relationship between ingredients and health benefits.


Ensure the quality of your products and protect your brand

Regulatory Compliance Audit and Notification

Formula analysis, labeling compliance and notification for your product

Scientific Review / Medical Writing

Efficacy & Safety Literature Review

Scientific and Regulatory Training in Nutrition and Health

Personalized training sessions for Supplements regulation

Toxicology and Product Safety Services

Expertise as a Service

Independent industry expertise when you need it

Food Fraud Consulting

Technology + Experts To Save Time and Reduce Risk

Team Training

Cost effective and practical group staff training to suit all areas of the food industry.

HACCP Training

Online HACCP training : reduce the risk of safety hazards in food

FoodChain ID Academy

Training courses taught by experts in food safety, risk assessment and sustainability Virtual Live E-Learning Team Training carried out virtually or at a location of your choice.